What size skate should I buy?

Skate Geeks specializes in fitting equipment to skaters - but we can't always do that in person. For that reason, we are sharing a version of our master size charts for your convenience. This chart covers most major inline and quad brands, and is simple to use. All you need is your foot measurement, preferably in mm, and then scroll down to find it in the chart below. You can then see where you fall in the manufacturer's stated sizes for various brands of skate boots. Note they vary widely, which is why an actual measurement is always best.

To get your foot measurement:

  1. Down load and use our Sizearator Sheet or stand on a plain piece of paper with your heel and the short edge of the paper against a wall or other reference surface.
  2. Trace the outline of your left foot (or have someone do it for you) as accurately as possible. Angle the pen or pencil slightly away from your foot so the outline is drawn as close as possible to the true size of your foot.
  3. Do the same for your right foot.
  4. Measure from the back of the paper to the longest point on your foot (typically the "big" or "second" toe).
  5. Use the largest of the two, and look it up in the chart.



Size tips:

  • Make measurements without socks if you’re a barefoot skater, with socks if you prefer them in your skates.
  • Boots that claim to be "right on" your foot length will be tight (as in toes touching). A few extra millimeters is usually good, four or five is ok if you like a loser fit.
  • Unusually wide or narrow feet may require a consultation with us - we'll be glad to help.
  • All brands except SEBA are listed by the length of the last (foot model) from which the boot is built.
  • SEBA sizes are listed as the actuall insole length, not foot length.
  • Don't have a metric tape or scale?  Use this conversion:  mm = inches x 25.4

Now you can find your size in the chart:

Classical view