Bont Black Ops Wheel - 110 mm - 87a

Bont Black Ops Wheel - 110 mm - 87a

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Application: Outdoor and Banked track.

Overview: This is an upgraded version of the wheel that Justin Stelly set a new national 500m record on at the US world trials last year.

The new 2012 flex band is softer, has more rebound, and it has a phenomenal vibration absorbing ability which has allowed us to increase the hardness of the urethane. A harder urethane usually means a faster wheel but generally, once the urethane reaches 87A the rebound starts to drop off which negates the effects of having harder urethane. The most common wheel hardness to date has been 85A because 87A wheels often feel dead due to the fact that the rebound drops off, or skaters also don't like the added vibration from an 87A wheel. The Black Ops wheel solves both of these issues. We have formulated a new urethane compound that maintains its rebound well over 90A and we have decreased the flex band's hardness to remove excess vibration.

The Black Ops combination of harder urethane with a softer flex band creates a wheel that is very hard without feeling hard.

In this way we can create wheels that have the speed of a 87A or 88A that feel like an 85A or 86A wheel.

Then, we have included an 84A wheel in the lineup for those very bumpy roads. The 84A wheel combined with the new flex band, will smooth out even the roughest of roads.

The Black Ops wheel takes speed wheels to the next level.

The wheel is available in four hardness?s.

  • 88A Green
  • 87A Yellow
  • 86A Natural Blue
  • 84A Natural Orange

Sizes: 110mm and 100mm

Made In: USA


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