Bont Kinetic Wheel

Bont Kinetic Wheel

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The Kinetic wheel utilizes all of our research of the hub, rebound, track and road materials, urethane and our new golf ball technology in one wheel. The Kinetic wheel utalizes the material used in the center of golf balls to increase the energy return of the wheel. Inside the wheel, there is a patented world first Dual Durometer Flex Band. This unique flex band is harder on the outside and softer on the inside. Combined with the flex of the hub, and our urethane chemistry, it gives us an incredible amount of adjustability in making this wheel the best in the world. Rather than place the flex band on the hub itself and lose the extra roll and stiffness created by the mechanical lock (see tech page for more details), we wrapped the energy returning flex band around the mechanical lock so we maintain the wheels stiffness and roll.

  1. Mechanical Lock:

    The mechanical lock holds the urethane onto the wheel so the urethane has less flex at the base of the wheel. It is also very stiff which increases roll.

  2. DDFB:

    The Dual Durometer Flex Band is made of a super high rebounding golf ball material. We have engineered it to be softer in the middle and harder on the outside which provides more energy return than a solid state flex band.

  3. Hub:

    The Kinetic hub flexes to combine with the flex band and high rebounding urethane to provide even more energy return. The hinge point in the hub allows the hub to flex exactly in the middle so you can transfer quicker between the inside and outside of the wheel which increases maneuverability.

  4. Long lasting Urethane:

    There are some wheels on the market that grip well for a few laps and then once the outer layer of the wheel has worn off, the wheels lose their grip. The Kinetic wheel keeps gripping race after race after race because there is no special coating on the wheel that makes it grip, it is the internal DDFB that provides the grip.

  5. More Maneuverability:

    The softness at the center of the flex band allows for much sharper turning and more maneuverability on the track. This allows skaters to take a tighter line around the track and make tighter turns for passing maneuvers.

We offer two choices of Kinetic DDFB wheels:

  1. Kinetic DDFB-HR for maximum grip

  2. Kinetic DDFB-HRR for maximum roll

Both wheels use a different combination of inner flex band hardness, rebound, and urethane to provide two different wheels to fill the needs of today's track skaters. They can be mixed together to suit individual skater needs. The Kinetic DDFB is the most advanced wheel on the planet and it is set to change banked track racing.

Made In: USA

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